Teaching math through art
Teaching math through art


Welcome to Math and Science Through Art Blog!

I am so happy that you are a part of this new endeavor. While I have been drawing geometry for as long as I can remember,  this is the first website I have ever had and this is my very first blog I have ever written. Please excuse some improperly sized photos in the website, and any other kinks as they get worked out. I hope that Math and Science Through Art will always be growing and changing. I will use this blog as a way to keep teachers and parents informed as it develops. I will post about significant class room experiences, the creation of new units, and any other relevant events or information. On that note, I will be presenting a 2 hour workshop with Linda McKenna and Emily Tyl at the Kindergarten Conference on Friday April 5 in Burlington. The workshop will review much of our year of Math Through Art in the kindergarten and second grade classrooms. It will also show how these projects and experiences support the Common Core practices and standards.

I may also use this blog as a place to share information and aspects of numbers that I find interesting.  After all, numbers are not as straight and narrow as they may seem. Not only are there odd and even  numbers, certain numbers are ideal, prime, perfect, irrational, rational, amicable, sociable, compatible and so on. Numbers are actually so amazing, and can reveal so much about the order our universe.



I hope to inspire dialogue with teachers and parents. Please share thoughts, ideas and feedback via comments on the blog or contact me directly through the contact page on the website.