Teaching math through art
Teaching math through art

Recycle/Reuse Projects

I  use recycled, reused  and materials from Nature as much as possible. I collect materials in my garage, and  what I have will help determine what an art project becomes.

This works well for a number of reasons:

  1. It honors my value of minimum impact and minimum consuming.
  2. It allows the projects to be repeatable for students on their own as they can often easily access these same materials.
  3. When we make games, I believe that the handmade, recycled material game pieces have a very special feel to them.
  4. It allows for increased freedom to allow the process to be the priority. I always hope the outcome will be be beautiful. But, if a project does not turn out well, for any number of reasons, we have not ruined an expensive canvas… Usually just a giant sheet of recycled cardboard.

Here are some pictures of my collection center in my garage :

I use lots and lots of recycled cardboard.
Some of the projects we made on recycled cardboard include:

Number Line
Sierpinski Triangle Game
Squares from Squares Puzzles
Mosaic Star
Spring Is A Time

Examples of projects made from other reused or recycled materials:

Color Blending CD Spinners
Brown Bag Place Mats
Mrs Brook’s 100% recycled and art from nature bouquet

Examples of Projects that Use Art From Nature:

10s and 100s golden rod designs
Giant Golden Rod Wheel