nameThe Short Version:

Math through Art teacher, Essex Elementary School, kindergarten and 2nd grade, 2012-2013

Science Through Art teacher, Essex Elementary School, 1st grade, 2011-2012

Crafting with Winooski Elementary School English Language Learners 2006-present

North Carolina Outward Bound Instructor 1991-1994

BA Princeton University 1990


nancyMy Story:

I have always loved and have always drawn mathematical/geometric designs.

As a Religion major at Princeton University, I deepened my understanding of the connections between art, math and science through the in depth study of mandalas and other religious symbols.

After graduating from Princeton in 1990, I trained and then was hired as an Outward Bound instructor by the North Carolina Outward School. As an instructor, I received an incredible education. I discovered the great sense of joy that I felt from witnessing children becoming empowered, especially children who struggle with and feel disempowered in more traditional settings. In Math and Science Through Art I see a broad range of types of learners enjoying this sense of accomplishment and feeling of empowerment as they grasp the mathematical concepts and create beautiful art. At NCOBS, I also discovered the great value in experiential education. I found learning by doing to be a highly effective way for people to learn, and I now use the methodology of experiential education in teaching math and science through art. At NCOBS, I also learned about the facilitation of individual and group process. Skills were developed to help people learn about themselves and others through the experience and analysis of being a part of a group working towards a common goal. Learning about and practicing working with others cooperatively is an important part of the creation of group works of art.

Being the mother of three children has led me to rediscover my love of craft projects. As well, I am grateful to the Winooski Elementary School English Language Learners Homework Club. I have been crafting one day a week at their homework club for the past 7 years. These beautiful and eager students have inspired me to discover countless craft projects. They provide me a “classroom” where I have learned much about crafting and crafting with kids. Through this work, I have developed the commitment to and the skills and practices required for crafting with recycled/reused materials. This is a very important ethic that I am grateful to be able to role model for and share with children.

Additionally, over the past five years I have had the privilege of working with many incredible teachers at the Essex Elementary. I have had the opportunity to support/enrich a full academic year of math curriculum in the kindergarten and second grade and science curriculum in the first grade.

Finally, I am and always will be a student of the mystery of numbers and the magnificence of nature. Since I discovered it, I have been repeatedly drawn to learn about and explore fractal geometry. I am forever curious about the mathematical order that underlies the infinite diversity of the manifestation of our universe, and the natural rhythm that underlies the creation and expression of our world. This passion makes the work of exploring and teaching math and science through art to children truly exciting and fun for me.